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BIO - G. Mark Hardy

G. Mark Hardy, CISSP, CISA
President, National Security Corporation
G. Mark Hardy has been providing information security expertise to government, military, and commercial clients for over 25 years. A long-standing industry veteran, he is a perennial speaker at major industry trade shows. As president of National Security Corporation, he directs the efforts of the information security consulting firm he founded in 1988. His profile is featured in the February 2002 issue of Information Security Magazine .

Mr. Hardy's professional background includes information security planning and policy development, managing security assessment and penetration teams, data encryption and authentication (including "breaking" commercial cryptographic algorithms), software development and strategic planning for e-commerce, and writing commercial risk assessment software. He has developed information security plans for four U.S. Military commands, and wrote the communications security encryption requirements for an experimental military satellite program.

Mr. Hardy presents dozens of security seminars and speeches each year, and is popular for his entertaining and informative style. Over the last ten years, Mr. Hardy has served as a principal spokesman for four information security companies: National Security Corporation, AXENT Technologies, Secure Computing Corporation, and Guardent, Inc. He is a Captain in the United States Navy Reserve, and serves as the Commanding Officer of the Center for Naval Leadership Headquarters unit. He is the author of the Information Security Handbook for Enterprise Computing, Client/Server Security Handbook, a contributing author to Network Security Secrets, and has provided pre-publication review for a number of security books, including Bruce Schneier's Secrets and Lies, and Winn Schwartau's Time-Based Security. Mr. Hardy has served on three ANSI committees (X9F, X9E9, and X12) writing security standards for financial and e-commerce industries. A graduate of Northwestern University, Mr. Hardy holds a BS in Computer Science, a BA in Mathematics, a Masters in Business Administration, and is designated as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).